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  • PIE-OS 12

    This is about Pies, pies and more pies. I hope you enjoy it 6M (and anyone else who downloads it).

    Scroll down to view apps, lock screens and home screens. Then open the apps section and press on the app icons of all the apps you want to download (only apps you already have). After that scroll to the bottom, then press “generate theme”. Now it should ask you to allow something. Click allow. Now it should bring you to settings. Just install the profile and then you have PIE-OS 12.

    Published by Brettj114

    Under Realistic / Skeuomorphic

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Install app icons

  •  Tap on icons to select them, choose a label and tap « Install »
    beta apps may not work as expected...
    learn more...

  • Appstore

  • Calendar

  • beta


  • Google Chrome

  • Clash of Clans

  • beta


  • Dropbox

  • Facebook

  • beta


  • beta

    Google Hangouts

  • Google Home

  • Google Maps

  • beta


  • iBooks

  • beta

    iCloud Drive

  • iMovie

  • Instagram

  • iTunes

  • Mail

  • Netflix

  • Notes

  • Photos

  • Podcasts

  • Safari

  • beta


  • Twitter

  • Videos

  • Apple Watch

  • WhatsApp Messenger

  • Youtube

Blank icons

  • Visit my other website iEmpty to create blank icons on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !

Custom icons

  • Visit my other website iCustom to create your own custom icons shortcuts on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !


    You will be able to :
    - create shortcuts to launch iOS apps with your own custom icon
    - configure shortcuts to make phone/facetime calls, send SMS or email with a custom icon or picture of the person to call
    - configure website shortcuts to launch with your favorite browser (not the built-in Safari browser)
    - ... and more !

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