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    Dent is now on iSkin featuring colour and style.

    Any icon suggestions? Please let me know via email or Twitter @0R4NG3_R41N

    Published by 0R4NG3 R41N

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Blank icons

  • Visit my other website iEmpty to create blank icons on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !

Custom icons

  • Visit my other website iCustom to create your own custom icons shortcuts on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !


    You will be able to :
    - create shortcuts to launch iOS apps with your own custom icon
    - configure shortcuts to make phone/facetime calls, send SMS or email with a custom icon or picture of the person to call
    - configure website shortcuts to launch with your favorite browser (not the built-in Safari browser)
    - ... and more !

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