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  • iPhone X Battery Saving

    Install this theme to save battery on the OLED iPhone X to save battery. It works better with smart invert and greyscale turned on to save as much battery as possible. Also includes grey dock icons to help. Use the OLED screen to save battery. The other wallpapers included are only intended for the lock screen, as they don't help save much battery. This theme also works on any other iOS device, but is best used on the iPhone X.

    Published by Luka Fon

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  • Can't find the icon of your dreams?

    Easily create a shortcut to launch an iOS application (and more), using your own icon instead of an iSkin theme icon.

    You can customize more than 500 iOS app icons with any picture using iCustom!

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Install app icons

  •  Tap on icons to select them, choose a label and tap « Install »
    beta apps may not work as expected...

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  • Appstore

  • Calendar

  • Camera+

  • Apple Health

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  • iBooks

  • iTunes

  • Mail

  • Messages (SMS)

  • Music

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    Apple News

  • Notes

  • Passbook (Wallet)

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  • Photos

  • Apple Plans

  • Apple Plans

  • Reminder

  • Safari

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  • Videos

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    World Clock

  • Yahoo! Weather

Blank icons

  • Visit my other website iEmpty to create blank icons on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !

    Such blank icons will allow you to put the application icons where you want on the screen and so create cool homescreen layouts!

Custom icons

  • Visit my other website iCustom to create your own custom icons shortcuts on your homescreen in a few steps, always without jailbreak !


    You will be able to :
    - create shortcuts to launch more than 500 iOS apps, using your own custom icon
    - configure shortcuts to make phone/facetime calls, send SMS or email with a custom icon or picture of the person to call
    - configure website shortcuts to launch with your favorite browser (not the built-in Safari browser)
    - ... and more !

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